SCILLA - Entirely handmade bespoke Murano Glass Washbasin. BESPOKE WASHBASIN IN MURANO GLASS


Entirely handmade bespoke Murano Glass Washbasin. With Scilla you will turn your bathroom in an authentic one of a kind masterpiece of italian craftmanship.
The sinks in venetian glass of the Scilla series can be customized in all colours and finishes.

The brand Vetro artistico® Murano certifies and guarantees that the piece you purchased was manufactured on the island of Murano according to the millenary tradition of making the vetro.

The brand is the only proof of origin provided by the Italian government in accordance with Law No. 70 (adopted on 23/12/1994) to protect the authenticity of Murano glass.

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Bespoke handmade Murano glass bathroom basin.

Turn your bathroom into an example of Italian art and craftmanship.

The scilla series, reminiscent of the greek legend of scilla and cariddi, is a true example of Venetian glass craftmanship. It can be customized to any color or fi nish based on your interior design needs.

The technique used to create this Murano glass masterpiece dates back to the 1800s.
To create the spike pattern the glass master adds wraps of clear molten glass around the colored glass basin.
The glass that is added cools quickly so our glass artisans have to be extremely fast and sculpt the glass in two steps.
The first step requires the use of the “tagliol” to crease the Glass wraps. In the second step the glass master uses the “pinzette” to pull the glass in between the creases into spikes.
The whole process of adding one line of spikes happens in a matter of 20-30 seconds.
That’s how fast the glass blowers have to work with their hands!
After each line of spikes the glass has to be reheated in the scorching 1300°C furnace to keep the whole wash basin hot and prevent cracking do you to thermal shock.
Once the piece is finished it has to slowly cool down in a cooling furnace over a period of 24 hours.
When the basin is finally cold it goes to the coldshop so it can be drilled to fi t the water drain.

The whole process start to fi nish takes around two days.
At this point scilla is ready to be shipped to you so it can bring a touch of bespoke Italian art to your home.

Technical data weight: approx. 16-18 Kg 36-39 pounds H: 18-20 cm 7-8 inch dia: 32-34 cm 12,5-13,5 inch int. hole: 4,5 cm 1,77 inch Completely hand-made, tollerance +/- 10% Technical

Data sheet

H: 18-20 cm 7-8 inch dia: 32-34 cm 12,5-13,5 inch int. hole: 4,5 cm 1,77 inch Completely hand-made, tollerance +/- 10% Technical

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