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There is a lab on Murano island, a lab of experimentation, research, creativity and production able to renovate centuries-old techniques and working methods. It is not a lab like others, it is a young place where the glass master and artist Roberto Beltrami plays and experiments with the glass creating great artworks.
A passion that led him to go further in his knowledge in a field where everything seemed to have been already explored. What makes a difference between Wave Murano Glass and other Murano furnaces, it's the great knowledge in materials dynamic and chemical and thermal reactions that enables the furnace to find new solutions and also to improve ancient working techniques with the ultimate goal to offer unique, and custom-made Murano glass products.
Uniqueness that turns into pure perfection but also, at some times, into imperfection, that in the same way, embodies the charm of the Furnace. Hence the need for an Outlet, an e-shop where all those creations find a space and where imperfection becomes a work of authorship.


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