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The millenary know-how of transparent beauty is a guarded secret in Murano’s history.
The island, one of the most fascinating pieces of land and water, is a historical depositary of hand-made glass culture. It has always guarded the secrets of a material that resembled it, transparent like water, noble and fragile like earth, as beautiful as light. Its story tells of how, at the time of the Serenissima Republic, glass artisans were forced to live within the confi nes of the island, so as to avoid the dissemination of information on their work technique. It was considered an alchemic secret, with almost magical connotations, that only the true glass masters knew. The Master was the eternal guardian of the artistic culture of this material. Today Glass contains the noble soul of crafting and exhibiting art and artisanship, technique and passion. The project aims to transform artisanal work into something completely new, while respecting its precious history.

​​​​​​​Creations without time and works that become art objects.


€ 1450,00

Vaso in vetro soffiato di Murano dove l'innovazione si fonde con la poesia e l'arte . Dimesione : h 50cm Colore : Blu/Grigio sabbiato , iridato   

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